Welcome to the New “Eyes on VIs” Blog!

Apr 14th, 2010 by Christina in Administrivia

My Eyes on VIs blog is now powered by WordPress!

I decided not to convert my old blog articles to this blog, but I will continue hosting the Blogger-generated content in its old location so that links to previous articles will continue to work. Some of those old posts were getting out-of-date anyway, so if there are topics you want me to revisit, please let me know!


  • Congratulations.

    Will we be seeing a comment feed or is that not supported by WP?

  • Sorry, I see now that there is a feed for each specific post. Is it possible to also generate a feed for all the comments?

  • Hi Yair,

    It looks like the feed for all comments is http://blog.eyesonvis.com/comments/feed/

    I’ll see if I can add a link to it.

  • I’ve put the link to the site-wide comment feed right below the link to the post-specific comment feed.

  • Great to see your blog at a new home Christina! I look forward to your continued pearls of LabVIEW-goodness 🙂

  • Thanks, the global comments feed works.

  • Yair – Glad it’s working!

    Christopher – Thanks for stopping by! It’s good to see old friends finding me in my new space.

  • I’m very happy to see you continuing with your blog. It seems like many of the LabVIEW blogs generate a lot of content in the few weeks before NI Week, and things trail off for close to a year. Good stuff! Keep it up.

    • Thanks, Chris! I have a bunch of topics I want to talk about, so hopefully I’ll be posting regularly for awhile!


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