LabVIEW Graph Annotations

May 19th, 2010 by Christina in LabVIEW, User Interface

I recently talked to a student who would print out his LabVIEW graphs for his homework and then circle and label a point on them before handing them in.

While that approach certainly gets the job done, there is a simple way to label important graph points within LabVIEW: annotations.

LabVIEW Graph with Annotation

You can right-click on a LabVIEW graph at edit time and select Data Operations>Create Annotation. (On a graph in a running VI, Create Annotation is in the top-level right-click menu).

You’ll get a dialog that lets you define the annotation name and some attributes. After you dismiss this dialog and create the annotation, you can right-click on it and change other attributes (e.g. color). (Important note: right-click on the annotation point, not the label).

Did you know that the LabVIEW Help is available on You can read more about Graph Annotations there, and also rate the help topic and leave comments that help NI improve the documentation in future versions!



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