LabVIEW Boolean Control with Labeled States

Jun 14th, 2010 by Christina in "Hidden" Features, LabVIEW, User Interface

A friend asked me “what is the best control to use for a Boolean subVI input that has special true/false values, e.g. enabled/disabled?” She was dissatisfied with the “Enabled?” checkbox approach because it didn’t give an explicit name to the other state. Similarly, using the boolean text part with a switch only showed the name of the current state. She wanted a switch that showed the labels for both states.

I gave her this control and asked if it was what she was looking for. She said that it was!

She had known that you could put free labels next to the switch, but not that you could make them “owned” by the control.

You can add decorative elements (e.g. images, decorations, and text) to a control using the Control Editor (Edit>>Customize Control or right-click Advanced>>Customize). When you add them in the Control Editor, they become parts of the control. Then when you use the control on a front panel, it acts as a single item when moving, deleting, etc.

Now, another thing you should consider when making a subVI input with named states is whether it would be better to use an enumeration. This can make the diagram that calls the subVI easier to read. If you do want an enumeration, however, I highly recommend you make it a type definition as well. That way you can edit it later and automatically update all the places it’s used.

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