LabVIEW Core 3 Training Videos

Mar 23rd, 2012 by Christina in LabVIEW, Training

There is a channel on YouTube providing lessons from¬†LabVIEW Core 3. Here’s the description:

This is a pilot project driven from National Instruments UK. Leave your comments, what you like or what you did not like, to guide future development of our course formats.

The third course of the National Instruments LabVIEW learning path, LabVIEW Core 3, increases proficiency by exposing you to best practices for designing, developing, testing, and deploying LabVIEW applications.

You need access to LabVIEW Core 3 course manual, to be able to complete the exercises and course project. If you have a current software contract (SSP) with NI, you can get all 38 modules in DVD and course manual for £179 (GPB), equivalent to 56% discount, directly from NI UK Office at or call us on +44(0)1635 572 400.

PS. As disclosure, I do work for National Instruments and I am passionate about training and improving skills of LabVIEW users.


  • Good day Christina.
    thanks for this link. All the same, I face quite some challenges at learning LabVIEW G coding quickly. I am a recent graduate in electrical engineering ( from Cameroon)… Could I benefit from any kind of assistance.

  • Hi.
    First, Im really sorry, my English isnt good enough, Im from Ecuador.
    Im a university student, Ive been working in a litle Labview project, a week ago I openend my VI, the panel control was openend easly but the block diagram doesnt let me surf in it, then this page shows a message “this page doesnt response”, please help me!!!

  • For LabVIEW support questions, please visit and the support engineers at National Instruments will provide assistance.


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