Custom Wire Appearance in LabVIEW

Aug 23rd, 2012 by Christina in LabVIEW, LVOOP

Have you ever wanted to customize the appearance of a type def wire, e.g. by making it a different color? Unfortunately, you can’t.

But you can customize the appearance of wires for a given LabVIEW Class (LVClass) type! This is another way that LVClasses are like type defs with superpowers.

To customize an LVClass wire appearance, right-click on the LVClass item in the Project tree and select Properties.

In the Properties dialog, select the Wire Appearance category and change the radio button to “Use custom design.”

Then you can have fun playing with the pattern, colors and size!


  • I like to customize the color of my class wires, usually to reflect the class hierarchy in some way. I generally avoid customizing the pattern, though…my preference is that all class wires use the ‘chain’ pattern. This helps me quickly recognize class wires on a diagram.

  • It might be advisable to have a good style guideline for those who might not realize good style design from a bright neon green and white wire on a white background.


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