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Jul 26th, 2013 by Christina in NI Week

It’s almost time for NIWeek 2013!

This year I will be presenting Bookmark API in LabVIEW 2013 on Wednesday, August 7, at 1:00PM in Room 16A. Bookmarks are a new feature in the next release of LabVIEW. In this session you will learn how to integrate bookmarks into your own tools or create your own Bookmark Manager. (Session ID: TS2171)

I’ve looked over the NIWeek session list and there are so many great presentations that I’m not going to be able to see all the ones I want!

Here are some of the sessions that I’m most excited to see:

  • LabVIEW GUI Design: Moving Beyond the Palettes
    – Jon McBee, Bloomy Controls, INC., Senior Project Engineer
    A successful GUI is intuitive and user friendly, and it makes users more efficient when interacting with the system. At this session, learn how to use third-party tools to design professional GUI elements as well as how to import these elements into the LabVIEW environment. Study real-world examples and discuss the methods used to create them. Also explore the techniques you need to create streamlined, intuitive, and elegant LabVIEW user interfaces. (Session ID: TS1684)
  • Designing a Framework in LabVIEW: Borrow or Build?
    – Nancy Hollenback, National Instruments, Field Architect
    With larger and more complex applications using LabVIEW, designing a scalable framework that simplifies modification and facilitates team development is important. Many frameworks are emerging in the LabVIEW community. In this session, consider several aspects of framework design to help you decide between using an existing framework or building one. Also review some of the popular options you can choose from now. (Session ID: TS2209)
  • How to Polish Your Software and Development Process to Wow Your End Users
    – Fabiola De la Cueva, Delacor, LabVIEW Consultant
    Hear from LabVIEW Champion and LabVIEW Architects Forum Founder Fabiola De la Cueva about five “little things” that can improve your application’s usability and create happier, more productive end users. From easy ways for your app to look and feel like a “real Windows application” to subtle features that can make every application template easier for developers to use, explore the secrets that professional LabVIEW developers use to make their lives, and their users’ lives, easier. (Session ID: TS1765)
  • User Events, Tips, Tricks, and Sundry
    – Jack Dunaway, Wirebird Labs, Founder
    Didn’t make it to Paris for the European Certified LabVIEW Architect Summit this year? Catch the domestic reprise of this session to hear from a LabVIEW Champion about the key principles that make Events the primary transport mechanism for product design and application architecture at Wirebird Labs. Leave with nearly a dozen downloadable code snippets, featuring practical event-driven design patterns, and focus on the powerful yet simple semantics of the Events API. (Session ID: TS1691)
  • Making the Most of New User Event Features in LabVIEW 2013
    – Michael Aivaliotis, JKI, Product Manager
    Event-based programming is a recognized best practice in software development, and it is particularly important in LabVIEW, where nearly every significant application uses multiple loops and multiple pieces of hardware. Watch a Certified LabVIEW Architect and LabVIEW Champion demonstrate how User Events work, how JKI uses them in every project, and how they are even better in LabVIEW 2013. Also explore Version 2 of the famous JKI State Machine featuring dynamic event registration. (Session ID: TS1761)
  • Queued Message Handler: Caveats and Design Decisions
    – Darren Nattinger, National Instruments, Senior Software Engineer
    The Queued Message Handler (QMH) project template is an architecture used in many different LabVIEW applications and is one of the easiest starting points when developing a multiloop application. Get a detailed look at all of the design decisions, like handling errors and maintaining state between loops, that went into the QMH project template updated in LabVIEW 2013. (Session ID: TS2104)
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Functional Global Variables
    –  Nancy Hollenback, National Instruments, Field Architect
    As a longtime foundational design pattern in the LabVIEW community, the functional global variable (FGV) meets many common challenges but can also be overused. Join this discussion of best practices for global data storage and the transition from FGVs to data value references. (Session ID: TS2147)
  • Tips and Tricks to Speed LabVIEW Development
    – Darren Nattinger, National Instruments, Senior Software Engineer
    Hear from Darren Nattinger, world’s fastest LabVIEW programmer and NI senior software engineer, about some simple techniques that can help you code more quickly. Learn about little known LabVIEW features, advanced functions, and other tools that can help you save development time. (Session ID: TS2122)

And NIWeek is more than just great technical sessions. The keynotes rock. I’m also looking forward to these events:

  • LAVA BBQ – This is not an NI-sponsored event but rather a gathering of LabVIEW enthusiasts organized by the LAVA and OpenG groups. Tickets are limited so I recommend buying in advance!
  • NIWeek Conference Party – Wednesday night at Brazos Hall.
  • LabVIEW Coding Challenge Finals – Thursday at noon in the Expo Hall (Technology Theater). See the World’s Fastest LabVIEW Programmer, Darren Nattinger, defend his title.

I hope to see you at NIWeek! If it’s your first time, I have two bits of fashion advice:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes!
  2. Layer your clothes – the inside of the Convention Center is frigid and outside it’s like an oven.

Do you have more NIWeek advice or sessions you want to recommend? Leave a comment!


  • Hi Christina, thanks for the plug; I’m honored!

    One more event that’s fun for all is Challenge the Champions, held in the Technology Theater on the Expo Floor. Word on the street is there could be an interesting twist to the challenge this year…

    The time on that is Tuesday, Aug 6, 5:45 PM – 6:15 PM — many of us will meet here and straight afterwards walk or Pedi Cab to the LAVA BBQ together.

  • I would like to see how fast Darren Nattinger is, but I can not attend this year NI Week, again.

    Please, could you somebody record Darren’s coding sessions and upload it to the internet?

    Thank you.

  • Christina, did you hack into my calendar and just type out all the sessions I have planned to attend? Either way, see you all there!

  • Does any one know if there are recording of NI Week 2013 presentations that can be downloaded? Could not see some that were conflicting.

  • The great Mark Balla records them regularly and he has done so this year as well. You can find the details of how to download them here –

    It says 2012, but he’s already uploaded the 2013 videos as well.

    Also, NI usually uploads videos from the keynotes to its Youtube channel, but it usually takes them a few days and I haven’t seen any in my RSS reader so far.

  • Thank you Yair

  • With Mark Balla’s permission, I uploaded his video of the LabVIEW Coding Challenge to YouTube:

    Part 1 (Robert vs Neil):

    Part 2 (Robert vs Darren):


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