Aug 6th, 2014 by Christina in "Hidden" Features, LabVIEW

Have you ever been editing text in LabVIEW and tried to use Ctrl-B to make text bold? It doesn’t work, because Ctrl-B is the keyboard shortcut for Remove Broken Wires.

In LabVIEW 2013 and later, however, you can use Ctrl-B to make text bold with the INI token QuickBold=True.

It’s not an official feature… more like a lab experiment that we’ve let out into the wild. It’s highly unusual for an application to use the same keyboard shortcut for completely different menu items based on the current state of the editor. But, I have to admit, in practice it seems pretty intuitive.

The reason this can work is that Remove Broken Wires is disabled while you are editing text. The unpublished INI token re-enables the menu item and makes it perform the same action as selecting Style>Bold from the Text Settings pull-down menu on the toolbar. So, to be clear, it only works in situations where you have text selected and the Text Settings ring is available.

If you use this “hidden feature” and think NI should make it the default behavior for LabVIEW, please consider voting for the suggestion on Idea Exchange.

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