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Moved to New Web Host Successfully

by Christina in Administrivia

Good news! A colleague at NI has helped me move Eyes on VIs to a new host. You should continue to have uninterrupted access to all the existing content.


Blog Shutting Down, Hopefully Temporarily

by Christina in Administrivia

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I regret to say that the Eyes on VIs blog will be shutting down on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

I hope to find a different web host to bring it back later.

I’ll let everyone know via Twitter (@eyesonvis) if/when the blog finds a new home.

Edit: One of my colleagues at NI is going to help me get the blog on a new host! If we can’t get it up and running before the current hosting ends, it might be offline temporarily, but it should be back. Thank you to all of the others who offered to help with hosting!


Long time, no see!

by Christina in Administrivia

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Sorry for the long absence from the blog. I’ve been really busy for the past six months. Those of you in the LabVIEW 2012 Beta program know why!

If you’re not in the Beta program, there’s still time to request to participate. Just go to ni.com/beta and select LabVIEW 2012.


Welcome to the New “Eyes on VIs” Blog!

by Christina in Administrivia

My Eyes on VIs blog is now powered by WordPress!

I decided not to convert my old blog articles to this blog, but I will continue hosting the Blogger-generated content in its old location so that links to previous articles will continue to work. Some of those old posts were getting out-of-date anyway, so if there are topics you want me to revisit, please let me know!