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Christina’s NI Week 2010 Tips

by Christina in NI Week

For several years, I’ve sent out annual NI Week advice to the LabVIEW R&D team. This year, my tips went company-wide in NI’s internal e-newsletter. This inspired me to make another version for those of you who don’t work for National Instruments.

Here are my tips based on my personal experience and advice from others at NI:

  • The convention center is usually very cold. If this might bother you, I recommend bringing an extra layer of clothing. Of course, outside the convention center is the Texas summer heat, so another option is to step outside to thaw as needed.
  • Cell reception at the convention center is usually poor and can drain your battery quickly. Consider bringing your charger.
  • Keynotes are usually well-attended. If you get there before they start, however, you should be able to get a seat. If you see lots of people standing in the back of the room, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the seats are taken; NI employees try to leave seats for attendees when the room fills up.
  • Info desks at NI Week are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable NI employees. If you need directions, have lost something, or have any other issues at NI Week, just stop by an info desk.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. This advice is mostly for the ladies: wear comfortable shoes and bring a Band-aid or two just in case you get blisters.
  • If the convention center lunches don’t appeal to you (or if you’re looking for nearby dinner options), there are excellent restaurants a short walk away.
  • On Tuesday evening (Aug. 3), you can join the LAVA/Open G crowd for dinner at Scholz Garten for $30. (Space is limited).
  • If you have to drive to the convention center, parking in the convention center garages costs $7. Directions, Maps and Parking for the Convention Center
  • You may notice specially-marked Smart cars parked around Austin this year. We have a new Car2Go system. If you register for it, you can rent these cars by-the-minute (although I think if you’re traveling with more than one other person, it’s probably cheaper to split a taxi).
  • You may also notice a MetroRail train station right next to the Convention center. Because its limited schedule is designed for commuters, however, I doubt it will be useful to NI Week attendees.
  • For iPhone or iPad users: check out the Beta NIWeek mobile website. (Apologies to those using other mobile devices; the Beta only targets iPhones and iPads this year).

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Recommended NI Week 2010 Sessions

by Christina in LabVIEW, NI Week

I just received the finalized schedule for the Software Development Techniques Track at NI Week 2010 and there are some great sessions planned!

Here are the ones I hope to see, and think you might be interested in, too, given that you are reading my blog. Read the rest of this entry »