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The Navigation Window

by Christina in "Hidden" Features, LabVIEW

It’s fun sometimes to hear people ask for a feature and be able to show them that it’s already in LabVIEW. (Of course, it’s also disheartening, because I know it’s hard to find things in LabVIEW and I wish I could make it easier).

Just recently, someone requested a way to see a zoomed-out view of an entire block diagram, highlighting the area that was currently visible in the window.

I showed him the Navigation Window (View>>Navigation Window or Ctrl+Shift+N).

LabVIEW Navigation Window

LabVIEW Navigation Window

The Navigation Window is a resizable, floating window that shows the active front panel or block diagram. If you click in the Navigation Window, LabVIEW will center the visible region around the point you clicked on.

Note that the Navigation Window does not work on the panel of running VIs, because we don’t want to degrade the VI’s performance.

The Navigation Window has been in LabVIEW since version 7.1.